Foray into Fungi: The Art of Farming with Sam Shoemaker - Ep. 93


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We are seeing a burgeoning interest in all things fungi, from consumption to materials-making, mushroom cultivation, fungal ecology and myco-remediation, particularly because fungi bear and represent resiliency, adaptability, and the potential to transform and utilize life as it is. Fungi possess the unique ability to decompose and recompose life itself. This episode reveals interdisciplinary artist and mycologist Sam Shoemaker's venture into urban mushroom cultivation, and how his art has been informed by and become an exploratory collaboration with fungi. He speaks with our host Carry Kim. *Sam Shoemaker [] is an interdisciplinary artist and mycologist based in Los Angeles, California. After receiving his MFA in sculpture from the Yale University School of Art in 2020, Sam started the urban mushroom farm Myco Myco. Sam's current work focuses on sustainable food for Los Angeles, experiments in biomaterial sculptural fabrication, and the cultivation of rare native and non native fungi. Podcast Website: Podcast Blog: Support the Podcast: Interview by Carry Kim Intro by Jessica Aldridge Engineer: Blake Lampkin Executive Producer: Jack Eidt Show Created by Mark and JP Morris Music: Javier Kadry Episode 93 Image: Courtesy Sam Shoemaker

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