How I Started and Built a Dropshipping Business | Dropshipper Success Story


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Amy Hunt started her dropshipping business from scratch in 2003 as a stay-at-home mom. She built and grew her online business and opened up new platforms and opportunities, which is what now allows her to not work 9-to-5 and make good money. Now, she is an eCommerce consultant and expert who guides new sellers to make money online.

📌 You’ll discover Amy's success story and what is behind it. Amy covers her dropshipper success story step-by-step, proven product research technique, and current results.

4:20 What is dropshipping and how can you automate the process using tools? How can you start Amazon dropshipping with no money?

6:41 Amy’s product research method. How did AMZScout help Amy find booming products?

8:46 What is Amy's focus at the moment? Business, courses, YouTube channel.

10:38 Launching own-brand products experience

12:26 About Amy’s Shopify store. How can you find a product that will skyrocket in sales?

18:34 Where should you start when choosing a product to dropship?

21:41 Should you sell successful Amazon products on other eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like eBay and Shopify?

24:45 How does an online selling business allow Amy to work from home several hours a day and be flexible in her daily routine?

30:30 What is one of the main ingredients for Amy's success?

31:53 Tips for beginners

35:34 Where can you find Amy Hunt?

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