The Power of Native Ads to Scale eCommerce Brands with James Van Elswyk, Founder of Symphony Agency


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James Van Elswyk is a native advertising expert who owns multiple brands and businesses, including Symphony Agency, Purple Leads, Purple AdLab, and Geek Out Education. After starting out as a one-man affiliate, James now runs a team of 55 full-time employees from around the world. With several years of experience under his belt, James is one of the leading experts in clicks and conversions. Outside of his entrepreneurial endeavors, James also owns a charity that educates underprivileged people on how to media buy.

In this episode…

Media buying is an essential part of scaling an ecommerce brand, but many entrepreneurs struggle with account or channel issues. If you're looking for stability, control, and a new way to scale your brand, James Van Elswyk has the answer for you: native advertising.

As the Founder of multiple businesses and brands, James is an expert when it comes to scaling a company. According to him, native ads are effective for a variety of reasons—they're stable, they do not depend on a black box or algorithm, and their results are consistent. So, how can you start using native ads to scale your brand to success?

Listen to this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast as host Joshua Chin interviews James Van Elswyk, the Founder of Symphony Agency, about the power of native ads when scaling an ecommerce brand. James discusses his entrepreneurial journey, why he loves native ads, and his advice to agency owners. He also reveals his favorite business books, podcasts, and ecommerce brands. Stay tuned!

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