EU137: Interview with Andrew Bialecki & Jake Cohen of Klaviyo


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By far one of the best interviews we had to date!

It was a real pleasure sitting down with Klaviyo CEO, Andrew Bialecki, and Director of Product, Jake Cohen.

Over the past year, we have really witnessed Klaviyo grow, regarding numbers of employees, number of clients, as well as the capabilities of their platform.

We really wanted to sit down and discuss the culture and reasoning behind this growth with the two people spearheading it.

We gained incredible insight on their hiring process, the way they build culture within their organization, and where they see themselves in the future.

Do not worry, we got into the technical side of the platform as well.

Jake and Andrew managed to give us a glimpse into the future of the platform, in regards to the new ways it will be able to build relationships with customers.

Andrew also discussed his announcement of SMS on Klaviyo.

Hear all the exciting news and insight on Episode 127!

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