EU152: Lessons Learned Spending $1500 per Day on Facebook


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Lessons Learned Spending $1,500 per Day on Facebook

We spent $1,500 a day on Facebook ads and we found out a lot. When we spent $1,500 a day on Facebook ads and we learned that it is very important that you find the objective that you want your advertisement to have. This is because your ad needs 50 actions; cliques, add to card, check outs, within a 7 day period. Facebook looks for 50 conversions in order to optimize the ad. It creates a history to base the ad off of to now optimize it to its targeted market. It is very hard to find a target market and who you are going after without a history of who is looking and buying the product.

When spending $1,500, we learned that scaling an ad is hard. You need to learn to have patience with scaling. Don’t be scared to scale slowly. If you scale too fast, your ad will burn out. Facebook does the targeting to your audience the best. Facebook knows what to look for when targeting a consumer, and advertises it to them. There is just no one way to scale you ads. You can scale by using demographics, ad sets, more of an audience, etc. If you scale too aggressively it weakens your ad, and if you do not scale too much it does not optimize its self. If you scale too much, Facebook now has to figure out that many more people to reach to set ads to. You can spend more money and see less return. Thats why scaling is so important to maintain, you want to get valuable cliques. You do not want to just advertise to everyone because it messes up with the value of your data to refer to. We found when spending $1,500 a day, if your scaling method is working, increase you budget 20-30% every two to three days.

We also found while spending our own money on Facebook, ad copy and sales have no correlation. Shorter copy works better, not a longer copy. If the offer is good enough, the copy doesn’t matter. The offer overrides the copy. You want the right offer in front of the right person at the right time. This gives the best data back, which leads into better scaling. The shorter copy gives more of a valuable feedback from the consumer, it is very easy to see if the ad itself is or isn’t working.

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