EU154: Should You Use Dynamic Facebook Ads?


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EU154 – Should You Use Dynamic Facebook Ads?

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Facebook has so many different options that they offer for your advertisement, you can use Facebook the way you need to use it ! No brand is the same so each needs a unique approach to reach its targeted audience. Facebook wants to optimize your ad using their campaign. If you understand what system Facebook put into place, it does work ! It seems complicated, but Facebook simplifies it.

We found out that dynamic ads work best when we were doing work for another company. The dynamic ads out preformed all of the other ads we had in place. When making dynamic ads in Facebook, you can create multiple images, texts, and headlines all separately, and Facebook will create the ad for you. Instead of creating your own ads, Facebook takes all different variations of the ad (changing pairings of images, texts, and headlines ) and optimizes the best options that work together. Facebook picks what combinations have shown to work the best. Facebook reads when the ad is getting fatigued, and switches up the way your ad is set up to optimize it at that very moment.

Facebook can read the frequency of how many times an ad is seen. The great thing of dynamic ads is that viewers will probably never see the same ad twice ! Normal ads are the same images, text, and headline glued together. Dynamic Ads work so well because it is constantly switching up the different ways that the images, text, and headline are displayed. Don’t get hung up on the details, Facebook handles it for you.

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