The Hawaii Teacher Shortage + Interview w/ Peggy Brookins (216)


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Show Notes:

Part 1: We discuss Suevon Lee's (@suevlee) recent piece about teacher shortages in Hawaii: Are solutions for the persistent Hawaii teacher shortage a model for the nation?

Part 2: The dudes interview the one and only Peggy Brookins, President and CEO of NBPTS.

* What should we know and hear from you about possibly attaining national boards?

* In some of NBPTS' published research findings, researchers examined the distribution of board certified teachers in six states—California, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina. It was noted that except for California, "board certified teachers are not equitably distributed across schools that serve different populations of students. In five of the six states examined, poor, minority, and lower-performing students are far less likely to have the opportunity to benefit from the teaching of a National Board certified teachers than are their more affluent, majority, and higher-performing peers." As president and CEO, what is your vision to address this inequity?

* Are their formal/informal ways that district/school leaders can support teachers?

* Using your magic wand, what would you like to have happen federally in regard to education policy?

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