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Dr. Desiree Alexander of EducatorAlexander.com joins the show to talk about formative assessment with videos in the classroom. Desiree and I discuss Edpuzzle, PlayPosit, Razor Arts, Nearpod, and more! Plus, I’ve got a BIG announcement to share!

Show Notes Also Available at jakemiller.net/eduducttape-episode-58

  • Soapbox Moment: We’re in the 25th mile of this marathon!
  • Today’s Guest: Dr. Desiree Alexander
  • Which of the following is less torturous?
  • Educational Duct Tape Question: How can I ensure that my students watched required videos and understood the content that they covered?
    • EdPuzzle - edpuzzle.com
      • Features: Insert questions in the video, see length of interaction, assess comprehension of content, know that students have watched the video
      • Free and Paid options
      • 20 edpuzzle videos for free accounts (Referral code gives you more videos)
      • Upload your own videos or pull in from YouTube
      • Multiple-choice, multiple choice with multiple answers, extended response, notes, audio notes
      • Pull from a shared repository of pre-made Edpuzzle videos to use as is or edit and remake.
    • PlayPosit - go.playposit.com
      • Multiple Choice or Check All, Free Response, Fill-in-the-Blank, Poll
      • Discussion boards - Students can see and reply to others’ posts
      • Insert web content (like Pear Deck or NearPod) - Explore a website mid-video!
      • Add your own screen recordings from within PlayPosit
      • Have audio in your questions
      • Videos can jump - allows student to skip sections based on how they answer a question
      • Free version only gives you 100 views a month
    • RazorArts - razorarts.com
      • Text to Video
      • Interactive Videos (questions, notes, audio, video, PPT, animations)
      • Video Activities
      • Desiree’s Video on RazorArts Text to Video tool - youtube.com/watch?v=9kZMjDfQLiA
    • Nearpod Interactive Video - nearpod.com/interactive-video
    • Google Slides/PowerPoint
      • Insert video in a slide and have questions after
    • Google Forms/Microsoft Forms
  • Celebration of the Adjacent Possible
    • Cindy Moorman - Apple Podcast Review
    • Daneen Cole - #EduDuctTape for Computer or Technology Teachers?
    • Steve, er, I mean, Anthony Amitrano
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