Is it possible to be a Stoic in the modern world? William B. Irvine on stoicism and on stoicism and achieving great goals


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  • What is modern stoicism?
  • Being a stoic means that you are happy with everything you have in your life. Is it possible to be a stoic and an achiever in terms of mindset? What if I want to be a stoic but at the same time I set really ambitious goals?
  • Calm and tranquility is a main goal for many people. I can personally tell that stoic techniques can really help to achieve that. But at the same time I know that there is a wild, adventurous, excited part of me that is not that stoic. Can I mix those different worlds?
  • How can I tell that I am living a stoic life? What would be a good evidence for that?

A conversation with William B. Irvine about his new book The stoic challenge: a philosopher's guide to becoming tougher, calmer and more resilient.

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