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00.00.40: Introduction
00.02.45: Thank you to our Patron: Mattiaz, of Red Mood Roleplaying 00.03.11: World of Gaming - Role; Twilight 2000; UKGE and Free League Showcase; Dissident Whispers US and UK distribution00.19.26: Community content: The Bhargast; 100 Magical Mishaps; Slaves to Fate; Raven's Reckoning; and, Mutant: Year Solo
00.44.45: Interview: Michael Prescott, creator of Trilemma Adventures and Craig Atkins, compiling a compatible Bestiary for Forbidden Lands
01.27.00: Community Coriolis content: The Third Horizon Phrasebook; Veterans of the Horizon; and, The Prisoner of Arkus
01.44.55: Next time and goodbye
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