Hope or fear? How the built environment needs to approach the climate challenge


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Real estate’s role in helping to protect and/or destroy the planet on which we live is well known. The impact that buildings, development and the way we work, live and play have on the earth is a well told story. But only in recent months has it become such headline news. Only over the past few months has the clock started ticking loud enough for people to sit up and start to take real action.

In this podcast, EG editor Samantha McClary sits down with Louise Ellison, head of sustainability at Hammerson, Ed Gabbitas, founder and director of EVORA Global, and Sarah Ratcliffe, chief executive of the Better Buildings Partnership, to will talk about what action is being taken, what needs to be done next, how industry needs to work together to facilitate real change and whether as an industry we should be united in hope that measures can be taken to make sure we secure a future for the next generations or whether should we fear a future where the damage already done to the environment will mean mass migration, destruction of places, a broken economy and an impossible future for our children’s children.

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