swyx (Shawn Wang) on infinite building


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Shawn "swyx" Wang is an infinite builder, dual-class CFA, and Developer. Shawn currently works for Netlify.

Tune in to hear Shawn talk about what it means to be an infinite learner and builder and how he uses this approach to further his career.


"swyx (Shawn Wang) on infinite building" Transcript


  • Infinite learning
  • Infinite building
  • Javascript fatigue
  • Engagement
  • Fighting feelings of inadequacy


“I changed myself from a financial career...I thought that was a stable thing...I realized that I needed to move on from that…” -Shawn Wang

“You should learn just in time, not just in case.” -Shawn Wang

“If you actively write stuff and put stuff out...that you are interested in, guess what? People come and engage with you…” -Shawn Wang

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