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Elaine's Wellbeing Café tries to answer the nagging life questions you might have been afraid to ask! Elaine Sihera believes in the power of confidence and assertiveness to propel us towards our desires, which is why she places great emphasis on personal empowerment developed through knowledge, high self-esteem, fulfilling relationships with others, and achieving cherished dreams.

Educated in the School of Hard Knocks from her own experience as a writer, motivator, counsellor, former education manager and magazine editor, Elaine has an uncanny instinct for interpreting people needs and behaviour, a talent that shines through her work and personal approach to solutions. Elaine's Wellbeing Café is her way of making that small difference to the quality of routine life, and she hopes the content is useful.

She brings a refreshing and simple style to her podcast, one which uses her knowledge and wealth of experience to full effect.

The primary topics relate to:

• Increasing personal happiness, assertiveness and inclusivity

• Creating new relationships and improving existing ones

• Building greater confidence and self-esteem

• Maximising Career Opportunities and Progression and

• Improving self-awareness to make the right decisions.

Podcasts are by Elaine Sihera, empowerment guru, training facilitator, counsellor, public speaker and author of associated lifestyle books relating to the topics covered.

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