The Sack-a-holics - "Hacky-Sack"


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This is both a performance art piece and an educational moment. The Sack-a-holics kick the old sack around, counting each contact with the sack as it occurs. Once the movement of the sack stops they then comment on how they feel, each individually, about their accomplishment. The entire episode is then replayed in "Creep-O-Sound," slower but weirder, to help all our younger listeners to learn the numbers one through six! See? We're helping! The members of The Sack-a-holics (a sacking subsidiary of the BUNNYHEADSQUAD) present during this recording are: Brother Dave, Arson Carson, Thrash Bandicoot, MC Spoiler, and Supreme Bunny Warlord (aka: Richard F. Yates).

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