Tooth and Nail


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Reading with a cold is fun. It makes your voice sound all rough and tough (even when it normally ain't!) and I think it gives this reading a bit of a kick. This poem, "Tooth and Nail," was first published by the fine folks at After you're done listening to this piece, head on over to their site and give them a look. KOOKY FUN!!! "Tooth and Nail" Nabbed by the creeps, she fought Tooth and Nail Both those guys She bited She scratched She kicked And she screamed but in a decidely threatening and angry way not like a sissy at all And Tooth and Nail got hurt They bled They wimpered They tried to get away cuz they wuz scared to death of that crazy chick who looked like easy pickins from behind Boy oh boy wuz they sorry that day And the blood stains ruined their favorite shirts! ---Richard F. Yates -(aka: Supreme Bunny Warlord!)

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