Sunday - December 8th 2019 - Ryan Kibbe - KINGS & PRIESTS-Pt 1


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Message: KINGS & PRIESTS-Pt 1 Speaker: Ryan Kibbe Sunday, December 8, 2019 The Bible declares - in many ways - that we are royalty. In Christ. Sons and daughters of the King. Joint heirs -kings and queens - born to rule and reign in Him and with Him to serve Him and humanity well. We are also a royal priesthood and chosen generation - set apart, empowered and resourced to intercede for every home. Church. Government. Business. Everything. Everyone. In EVERY WAY. Everyone, at their core, is looking for a King like Jesus - the desire of the nations - and we are made in His image. This Sunday, we will explore what it means to follow the biblical blueprint and mandate as His church, to shape a kingdom culture, right here right Green Bay as it is in heaven. To give online or contact us: Elevation Church Wi 2605 South Oneida Street Green Bay WI 54304

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