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Hello and welcome to Debbie's Daily Tips.

So you know, I was talking to the coaches today and we were talking about commission cutting and overcoming the commission objection.

Well first of all, we have some great scripts for this and if you're in coaching with us then absolutely you have access to those scripts. Now, if you are not in coaching with us and you need some help with this then reach out to me.

In fact, you can go to and you can request a complimentary consultation with one of the coaches because I do know that this is a big issue and I know that it can potentially cost you a lot of money.

So we want to get you practiced on your different commission objection handlers, but there's a couple of things I'd ask you. One, don't volunteer to cut. Let’s stop that once and for all and number two, when you handle the commission objection don't hesitate, don't allow silence.

Instead move immediately on to another subject. Well, ''Do you cut commission?''

''Mr. and Mrs. Seller thank you for bringing that up, I don't and here's why. Because if you think about it, commission is really a marketing carrot and I want to put all the resources and attention into doing what we need to do to create the top price and encouraging the best buyer agents to bring buyers to your home so that ultimately you net more.

'Now Mr. and Mrs. Seller may I ask you, when would you like to see your home sold to the right buyer?''

See, I don't want to hesitate, because when I hesitate after handling the commission objection, I give them an opportunity to dig in or it's an awkward, uncomfortable silence. Instead, I just need to move on and let it pass.

Now of course I wish it would be as simple as one objection handler might solve every problem but of course we know that that's not the case.

So what we want to do, if we want to make sure that you have multiple opportunities, multiple ways to handle and overcome that objection.

Because it's not going to go away, you're going to get hit with it on most appointments because most people are going to ask, so I want you to invest some time working on it and if you need some help let us know.

I look forward to talking to you on the next Debbie’s Daily Tips. Talk to you soon.

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