Episode 148 feat. Maxim Fedorov - Erlang at Scale in WhatsApp


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Elixir Talk 148 - Feat Maxim Federov Desmond gives us an update on his truck and the work he’s been doing there. Chris tells us about how he’s been getting back into coding and how he’s been writing Absinthe and GraphQL. We announce a special new announcement: the launch of Elixir Training, our new business where we’re going out and looking to train more folks on Elixir across the US. We also have a special guest on the show this week: Maxim Federov a Software Engineer at WhatsApp. We dive into some of the joys of using Erlang at bonkers scale (~1.5 billion+ users), using 10k servers and attempt to ask some moderately interesting questions, that Maxim answers like a champ. Interesting links: - https://elixirtraining.io - Maxim’s talk about the architecture of WhatsApp: https://codesync.global/media/maxim-fedorov-scaling-erlang-cluster-to-10-000-nodes/ - https://www.infoq.com/presentations/whatsapp-scalability/ - https://erlef.org - https://www.facebook.com/careers/areas-of-work/whatsapp/?teams%5B0%5D=WhatsApp - https://codesync.global/media/mid-air-airplane-repair-troubleshooting-at-whatsapp/ - Live upgrade talk: https://codesync.global/media/the-art-live-upgrade-richard-carlsson/ - Hot upgrades in Elixir: https://medium.com/blackode/how-to-perform-hot-code-swapping-in-elixir-afc824860012\ - Mnesia at WhatsApp: http://highscalability.com/blog/2014/3/31/how-whatsapp-grew-to-nearly-500-million-users-11000-cores-an.html - erlperf: https://github.com/max-au/erlperf

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