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Weekend plans Robert: Do you have any plans for this weekend? Bill: I don't know. I might watch a video at home. And you? Robert: I'm going to meet some friends. Bill: What are you going to do? Robert: We might go sailing if the weather is nice. Bill: Sailing, wow! Do you have a sailboat? Robert: No, my friend has one. She goes sailing every weekend. Let's practice. A: We might go for a drive. B: A drive, wow! Do you have a car? A: We might go hunting. B: Hunting, wow! Do you have a gun? A: We might go surfing. B: Surfing, wow! Do you have a surfboard? A: We might buy a house. B: A house, wow! Do you have enough money? A: We might play some music. B: Play music, wow! Do you have a band? Your turn... You answer... What are going to wear tomorrow? What are you are going eat for dinner? Who are you going to meet later? When are you going to go home? Where are you going to go for your next vacation? How are you going to go home?

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