Basic Conversations - Where do you usually go?


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First, you'll hear a basic conversation at a normal speed, then at a slower speed. Next, you'll hear some practice drills. Finally, you'll hear the conversation again at a normal speed. Bill: Where do you usually go on your vacation, Robert? Robert: I usually go to Canada in the summer. Bill: What about the winter vacation? Robert: I like to stay here in Japan in the winter. Bill: Don't you want to spend Christmas in Canada? Robert: I do, but it's just too cold. Bill: I know what you mean. Practice A: Where do you usually buy clothes? B: I usually shop on the Internet. A: Don't you want to try on the clothes first? A: Where do you usually study? B: I usually don't study much. A: Don't you want to pass your tests? A: Where do you usually go on the weekends? B: I usually stay home. A: Don't you want to go out? A: Where do you usually eat lunch? B: I usually eat lunch at a restaurant. A: Don't you like the cafeteria?

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