American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report by Morris L. Ernst and David Loth


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Take a trip through the strange world of male sexuality with Elton as he tries to navigate why men defer to their genitals, sex cults for old people, and why men think they're the best sex-ed teachers. Plus, a wasp loving doctor makes it all possible?
In this episode, Elton slips down the sexy, sweaty spine of "American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report, a rundown of the most famous sex study man has ever performed on himself! Wander through the world of male sexuality and maybe answer a few questions you've had or didn't know you had or didn't know you wanted to had. Plus,...masturbation talk!
Who doesn't love a touchy-feely episode about self-touching and feeling?

Now, imagine it's funny instead of touchy-feely. EVEN BETTER! Enjoy.
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