EP 69 What is a Shake Alert? And Will It Save Lives?


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Today we are talking to Josh Bashioum from the ShakeAlert program. ShakeAlert is an earthquake early warning system that is disgined to give up to 60 seconds of warning that an earthquake is coming. How many lives could be saved if we can get this system up and running in the United States. Systems such as the ShakeAlert are in Japan and Mexico and have seen great success.

Guest Bio

Josh Bashioum is the founder and CEO of the Early Warning Labs.

Early Warning Labs, LLC (EWL) is an Earthquake Early Warning technology developer and integrator located in Santa Monica, CA. EWL is partnered with industry leading GIS provider ESRI, Inc. and is collaborating with the US Government and university partners.

EWL is investing millions of dollars over the next 36 months to complete the final integration and delivery of Earthquake Early Warning to individual consumers, government entities, and commercial users.

EWL’s mission is to improve, expand, and lower the costs of the existing earthquake early warning systems.

EWL is developing a robust cloud server environment to handle low-cost mass distribution of these warnings. In addition, Early Warning Labs is researching and developing automated response standards and systems that allow public and private users to take pre-defined automated actions to protect lives and assets.

EWL has an existing beta R&D test system installed at one of the largest studios in Southern California. The goal of this system is to stress test EWL’s hardware, software, and alert signals while improving latency and reliability.

EWL will have limited systems available for market upon final USGS release of the Early Warning System

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Phone: (424) 238-0060

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