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Voyeuristic or not, here’s your chance to sneak a peek into a stranger’s emails and glimpse at the annals of infinity! Mike Correll, director of 'Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters', brings you an auditory experience like no other... Everyone has had a dream sometime in their life which was so potent and vivid that they were unable to tell the difference between the dream and reality. So too has everyone experienced something while waking which was so fantastic that they cannot explain how it occurred. A fine line exists between these two states, those of waking and dreaming. This Podcast explores my own personal fine line: the invisible gap between waking and dreaming, between possible and impossible, between life and death. I recount experiences which have been crucial to the shaping of my perception and in turn my philosophy. There is another element which you will find interwoven between these snapshots of my past: emails. During my travels I made the acquaintance of a guy struggling through a difficult time in his life. He relied on negative, self-fulfilling prophecies and was addicted to snorting pharmaceuticals. I knew I could help him with some of his problems, and so I began a discourse with him. I began thereafter a campaign of email communications―sometimes shocking, periodically humorous, but always poignant―in an effort to stimulate his personal journey towards new found freedom.

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