75: Danielle Savory: Modern Mindfulness as an Enhancement of Intensity


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What does it mean to be mindful in the modern era? Mindfulness is a tool that many Intense Women use to harness their inner fire, and my guest Danielle Savory is no exception. Danielle is a local Portland friend who I’ve been running into for years. The more I followed her work, the more I knew I had to have her on the show. Danielle epitomizes what it means to be Gifted and to embrace multiple potentials. I cannot wait for you to hear all about the work she is doing to bring mindfulness into a modern context.

Danielle is a Master Certified Life Coach who helps busy women reduce stress in their lives. Her approach to “Modern Mindfulness” cleverly blends both a skeptic’s healthy analysis with a spiritual acceptance of the unknown. She is bringing ancient wisdom to the masses that is also backed by neuroscience. The results speak for themselves: women who work with Danielle experience so much personal growth! Today, Danielle is going to tell us how her mindfulness practice has been an essential part of how she harnesses her inner fire. She will remind us to accept all parts of ourselves, even the “bad” ones! Danielle’s intense feelings are a gateway to her true self, and I am so thankful she is here to share that message with you today!

More in this episode:

  • Danielle shares why she is so passionate about mindfully raising her daughters and teaching mindfulness to the world at large.
  • Women need a space to be safe among other women. Danielle is creating that by working with the “Mean Girls.”
  • When we let go of self-judgment, we let go of our tendency to compare ourselves to other people.
  • Danielle shares her childhood experiences and how perceptions from her family have shaped her view of the world.
  • Bullying experiences really influence our adult decisions.
  • What happens when we get wrapped up in our victim of circumstance story.
  • Danielle learned how to enjoy her “bad” emotions.
  • Danielle uses her inner fire to help others process their big emotions through mindfulness.
  • Meditation practice has been essential for Danielle lately.
  • Use the power of “Of Course.”
  • Danielle helps us with our inner critic.

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