77: How Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Embrace Their Talents with Jaya Rose


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You can own your gifts and use them in a positive way to change the world. The best way to start is to be inspired, and that is why Jaya Rose is here today. I really appreciate Jaya’s energy and online presence. She is very clearly Gifted and Intense, and her recent rebranding to focus on multi-passionate entrepreneurs is a great example of someone who has fully embraced her talents.

Jaya and I had the chance to sit down and share so many great nuggets about owning your intensity and sharing it with the world. It is clear that when you hold back your gifts, you are not just doing yourself a disservice but everyone else who might benefit from it as well. Jaya is shaping the world by offering up her services to anyone who identifies as multipassionate. Jaya is a transformational speaker and business coach with a heart of service. She is on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs identify what they only can offer the world and how they can get that message to as many people as possible.

My hope is that Jaya inspires you to keep pursuing your passion! When you do, you might just change the world.

More in this episode:

  • Jaya tells us all about her exciting rebrand!
  • Why highly intuitive is such a huge part of high sensitivity.
  • To enhance the positive, we need to acknowledge the negative.
  • What happens when you combine sensitivity with drive.
  • Jaya’s mom really nurtured her sensitivity, and her experiences growing up are incredibly enlightening.
  • We need to communicate what we are needing.
  • The after-effects of toning yourself down on your relationships.
  • Mediocrity is not suffering!
  • How Jaya learned to fully own her High Sensitivity.
  • The impact of high sensitivity on parenting.
  • Jaya uses her intensity to help others express their passions.
  • Jaya needed a lot of mindset work to build up the next level of her business.
  • Learn how Jaya modeled the behaviors of alignment.
  • How Jaya conducts a coaching session.
  • The habits that help Jaya stay aligned.
  • More about how Jaya helps people use her fire in a positive way.

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