79: Using Theatre as a Medium to Share Your Intensity with Shannon Milliman


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You have a gift that the world needs, and by embracing your intensity, you are on your way to transforming lives. Sometimes, all it takes for us to fully embrace our intensity is simply to act. My guest today took that step both figuratively and literally.

I am so excited to bring today’s guest, Shannon Milliman, to your ears. Shannon has fully embraced the power of her intensity, and she is on a mission to inspire through her larger-than-life personality and the power of theater. Shannon’s one-woman show, “Not So Supernova,” is on its way to Portland, and Shannon knows that this bit of theater is more than just a creative project. Shannon’s show is the full expression of her own intensity, faith, and memories, and it is designed to inspire the audience to act on their dreams.

In today’s episode, Shannon and I will discuss why helping passionate people is such a worthy cause. Shannon believe that we find our purpose when we embrace our gifts, and she is modeling that through her show. This opens us up to discuss how theatre showcases diverse perspectives while also bringing people together. Shannon has found that being both a practicing Mormon and an intense individual is a powerful combination, and she wants to open up her life to the rest of the world.

I am so glad I took the time to get to know someone new. Shannon is teaching me to say “Yes!” to the improvisation that life brings. What is your gift you are bringing to the world? How can you say “Yes!” today?

More in this episode:

  • I share all about how Shannon and I were meant to be on the podcast together.
  • Shannon tells us why she feels like she has so much to share right now.
  • Why theater was the perfect place for Shannon to express her creativity.
  • Intensity to Shannon feels like momentum and drive.
  • How Shannon was dealing with her intensity as a child and teenager.
  • What being a practicing Mormon means for Shannon’s intensity.
  • You can’t take out your cultural fibers.
  • Shannon shares why having spiritual bandwidth is essential for creativity.
  • Never forget the power that you have.
  • Shannon roots her confidence in her connection to the Divine.
  • The best advice anyone gave Shannon was all about adaptability and finding the humor in life.
  • Reading good literature helps Shannon channel her new ideas.
  • Shannon’s personality loves connection.
  • Shannon helps others use their fire by inspiring them to be big and bold.

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