81: Helping Intensely Gifted Adults Find Meaningful Work with Benita J


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Does being Gifted make life easier? Society seems to think so, and that is why I am so thrilled to have a guest on the show like Benita J. She is on a mission to help us embrace who we truly are, even the parts that society gets wrong. I got to know Benita as an internet friend. Her journey fits the message of my own work so well that I knew I needed to have her on the show! As an added bonus, Benita will be speaking along with me at the SENG Conference in San Diego!

Benita J is a Coach, Food Blogger, Yelp Restaurant Reviewer, and Supporter of the arts! She is on a mission to help people in the intense and Gifted community find meaningful and fulfilling work. After finding out she was Gifted, Benita found a whole new universe of self-discovery opening up before her. Benita is going to share stories and moments from her journey that best typify what it means to be intense and Gifted. All of her experiences culminate in a beautiful picture of how Giftedness doesn’t make life easier, and yet so much more colorful!

Benita cares. She loves life fully and embraces the element of whimsy. She is largely self-taught, knowing full well that everything she wants in life is right at her fingertips. You are going to take so much away from her fresh, loving perspective on life!

More in this episode:

  • It’s not easier to be Gifted!
  • For Benita, intensity manifests itself in her ambition.
  • What it looks like for an intense person to have a hobby.
  • There is a payoff with intensity.
  • You can have everything you want if you are self-taught.
  • Benita shares what it was like growing up being uniquely intense.
  • The cultural factors that Benita faced as an African American woman.
  • How a career change was liberating for Benita.
  • Learn all about intensity and our relationships.
  • Get connected to a tribe. Benita made her own.
  • Social skills and coping techniques were essential for Benita to harness her fire.
  • Controlling your mind is a skill.
  • Once we focus on ourselves, we can help other people without changing them.
  • How Benita found the worth in her work.
  • It’s a good time to be alive with social media!



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