85: Reclaiming Your Life After Having Children, With Nisha Supahan


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Are you reclaiming your life now that your babies have grown into young children? Nisha is doing that, and so she's intensely passionate about finding herself in everything that she does these days! She's also passionate about her children, her family and their religion and she really like to be sure that whatever that she does feeds her because her youngest child is four now, and so Nisha is re-possessing herself and getting back into being human! Listen in to find out more!

Nisha is a member of the Karuk Tribe, from California. She helps her husband run his tattoo shop, she's busy building a business with her sister and her husband and she takes care of her live-in grandmother too. Additionally, she manages her children, who all model, and she's one of the dance-leaders for their tribal ceremony in northern California. Listen in today to find out what Nisha has to share!

More in this episode:

  • Nisha explains what her personal brand of intensity looks like.
  • How Nisha's intensity affected her while growing up.
  • Growing up with an identical twin sister.
  • Some cultural factors that have affected Nisha's intensity.
  • Going to College in Oregon was a big culture shock.
  • The intensity of growing up on tribal land.
  • Giving her children a tribal connection.
  • Tuning out and learning to relax and live in the moment.
  • What happens when things get too intense.
  • Knowing how to give the children the very best opportunities for success.
  • Figuring out what it takes to really feel successful.
  • Why Nisha started making jewelry again.
  • Nisha was also a photographer long ago.
  • Getting to know that you can do the hard things!
  • Learning a difficult lesson- that if you're not doing what you value, you're valuing the wrong things.
  • Some books that have had a big influence on Nisha.
  • Being a great role model for your kids.
  • Remembering that nobody's life is perfect.
  • The importance of educating yourself.


Nisha's husband's tattoo website: Tattoo 34 P.D.X

Or find Nisha at BaDundle

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