Terry Patten - Integral Theory & Metamodernism, Irony & Sincerity, and Why Voting Matters


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In this conversation, I’m speaking with Terry Patten. Terry is a leading voice in the integral movement as an author, speaker, and teacher focusing on the marriage of personal and political transformation. We talk about the relationship between Integral Theory and Metamodernism, the use and misuse of irony & sincerity, and why we should vote, even if it’s statistically meaningless. Terry is a true evolutionary activist and it’s a real pleasure to have him on the show. And if you appreciate where Terry is coming from I highly encourage you to check out his most recent book, ‘A New Republic of Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries’. It’s a wonderful read, and Terry has just a few weeks ago begun new non-profit based on the ideas of the text. It’s a very inspiring vision that I expect listeners of this show will resonate with. If you’re curious to learn more you can check out the link below. And If you’re enjoying Emerge and you’d like to express your appreciation you can check the show description for a link to become a supporter or can share the show with your friends so that more people are included in these valuable conversations. Thanks y’all, and enjoy the show. ❤️❤️ Terry’s personal website: terrypatten.com Terry’s new non-profit based on a New Republic of Heart newrepublicoftheheart.org --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/emerge/support

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