Primary Survey: the highlights of September 2019


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Simon Carley, Associate Editor of EMJ, talks through his highlights of the September 2019 edition of the Emergency Medicine Journal. Read the primary survey here - Details of the papers mentioned in this podcast can be found below: The Panoramic Dental Radiograph for Emergency Physicians - Exploring the characteristics, acuity and management of adult ED patients at night-time - Evaluation of the criteria for trauma activation in the paediatric emergency department - Why are people increasingly attending the emergency department? A study of the French healthcare system - Location of arrest and effect of prehospital advanced airway management after emergency medical service-witnessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: Nationwide observational study - Phenomenological study exploring ethics in prehospital research from the paramedic’s perspective: experiences from the Paramedic-2 trial in a UK ambulance service - Process conformance is associated with successful first intubation attempt and lower odds of adverse events in a paediatric emergency setting - Triaging the triage: reducing waiting time to triage in the emergency department at a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi, India -

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