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It's never been more important to have a clear vision and justification for your own subject and where it fits into the curriculum, whether you're in Wales or further afield.

In this episode, Emma and Tom go back to basics to model the kind of material that can help you start thinking and talking about where you stand on the big questions about your subject. It goes without saying that this model uses the specific contexts of secondary music and drama that Emma and Tom know and love, so if you're not from that world you'll need to apply this to your own particular situation. Even so, we hope the conversation in here is a starting point for anyone who needs to work out where they stand in relation to the educational things they hold dear!

If you want to find the texts discussed in this episode, here they are:

Robinson, M. (2021) 'Drama' in What should schools teach? London: UCL Press

Philpott, C. (2012) 'The Justification for Music in the Curriculum' in Debates in Music Teaching. Abingdon: Routledge


Recorded at Cardiff Metropolitan University's Cyncoed Campus on 9th November 2021

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