Successful Children, Divorced Parents


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Are you a single mother or father and want to raise successful children?

Single mothers and fathers have a lot of responsibility, patience, and resilience that helps them meet all of their children's needs. Taking them to school, buying food, medicines, taking them to the doctor and keeping a house suitable for them to grow in are some of the arduous tasks to go through when raising a child on your own.

But what about the father / mother who is not there? How does the lack of one of the parents affect the child?

When parenting is shared between separated parents, some problems and confusion may arise; What should we do about this?

In this episode we talk about this very important topic, the children of divorced parents. Dr. Carmen explains to us today the problems that children and parents can face in situations like this, she will present the solutions and also give us some tips that will be ideal for day to day.

You will learn:

  • What are the problems that single parents have to face?
  • The new romantic relationships and the children
  • Teaching your children to advocate for themselves
  • How to establish and stick to the rules

And much more!

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