Adulting (And Actually Loving It) with Ebonie Allard


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When we were kids, most of us couldn't wait to grow up. But, once we became adults, the magic seemed to evaporate, right?

Replaced by paying bills, heavy responsibilities, and a distinct lack of FUN... being grown up might not be all it was cracked up to be, but it doesn't have to stay that way!

In this laughter-filled, truth-bomb-dropping episode, Ebonie and Lola riff on how to bring play back into our adult lives and what responsibility actually brings us (when we choose it fully).

Ebonie Allard is an award winning International Coach. She’s a Misfit turned Maven, an author, an artist, and an advocate. She’s the creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter system and host of the popular podcast ‘Adulting, with Ebonie.’ She empowers self selected Misfits to create businesses and lives as unique and extraordinary as they are; that genuinely feel as good on the inside as they perhaps look on the outside.

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