Mindfulness In The Time Of Coronavirus with Joree Rose


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In this conversation, Lola and Joree break down the concept of mindfulness into three simple, actionable pieces - so that you are empowered to return to center and stay in your heart space as you navigate the social distancing and physical isolation of our worldwide pandemic.

Joree Rose, MA, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, mindfulness and meditation teacher, coach, author, speaker, and she also leads mindfulness retreats around the world. Joree has helped thousands of people to live happier and more fulfilling lives through living with greater awareness and compassion, allowing them to decrease their stress, anxiety and shed unhealthy habits, patterns and mindsets. Joree is host of the podcast ‘Journey Forward with Joree Rose’ and has authored 2 mindfulness books, Squirmy Learns to be Mindful and Mindful, It’s Elementary, and has been featured in Oprahmag.com, NBCnews.com, Business Insider, KTLA News, and more!

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