Heartfelt Homepage Event Review


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Today I’m sharing a recent FB Live I did inside The Empathy Rising FB Community. I’m recapping the Heartfelt Homepage Event. This was the best event I’ve ever held! Everyone who actively participated got so and much insight and so much clarity. These therapists were striking gold with their copy.

Your homepage is the welcome mat to your website. It lets your ideal client know they are in the right place and gets them in the door to learn more about your practice. Too often therapists are too clinical or too vague in their copy. In these four days, we broke through the jargon and participates spoke from a place of passion.

Marketing doesn’t have to put you in a box. It’s not one size fits all or rigid rules. Yes, there are guidelines. Yes, there are best practices. But it all comes down to showing up as your authentic self.

Empathy Rising FB Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/empathyrisingcommunity

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