Reasons You Need to Blog to Build Your Private Practice


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I think we all know...

some of the basic benefits of blogging.

Creating consistent content boosts your SEO, helps those who are looking for a therapist find the right one, and adds a depth to your website that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

But blogging also helps you further the narrative of your practice. It builds your brand and establishes you as an authority.

It allows you to thoroughly explain how you work, what your values as a clinician are, and how you bring about transformation in your clients' lives. Blogging gives your potential clients a place to investigate you further. To feel normal and to trust that you truly can help them find the respite, peace, change, or healing they are so desperately seeking.

In this episode, I’m diving into the more profound side of blogging and the ways it not only makes you marketable but builds rapport before a client ever sits on your couch.



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