What’s Working for Online Income in 2019


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You’re all booked out with one on one clients.

Which is pretty much every therapist's goal when they open a private practice.

But what happens when you want to make more income?

Sure you can raise your rates or take on more clients but that's not sustainable. The next option is starting a group practice. But that requires you to think about buying a building, employee management and stepping away from your caseload.

There is another option that isn’t conventional but can be just as lucrative - online income!

Online income only requires you to do exactly what you already do on a bigger scale.

Everything you’ve learned, practiced, developed, and honed in your clinical work has prepared you perfectly to add an online income stream. Whether you’re interested in adding a course, a membership, or moving into coaching, workshops, or retreats you are more than qualified to increase both your income and your impact through online work.

Get ready for a nitty-gritty episode this week cause I’m diving into the latest trends for online income. What’s changed lately, and what’s continuing to work in 2019.

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