An Open Letter to the Therapeutic Entrepreneur


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Welcome to episode number 19 of the Empathy Rising Podcast. A fun fact, 19 is my favorite number so I really wanted this episode to be special. My coach and I have been working through my content strategy - err what, you heard that right. The go-to for content creation is getting help with her content. And yes that is totally true. We all have room to learn and room to grow in our businesses. So I’ve been playing around with some new content techniques and strategies. But ultimately, I’ve been learning new ways to relate with you.

I’ve been encouraged to share a bit more of myself with you. My journey, my successes and my failures. And while I’m still taking baby steps into this, it felt a little weird for me to just talk to you about me for oh some 30 odd minutes. I’m much more comfortable teaching or training.

So this week I rose to the challenge of my coach - sort of.

I’m sharing my journey, but in a bit of a different way.I wrote you a love letter. So I’m going to read that letter on this episode. Here goes.

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