$200K in 7 Days?? - Allison Puryear Chats Online Income


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I’m so excited to have my very first guest on the podcast!

She needs no introduction, Allison Puryear.

She tiptoed beyond the couch back in 2014 when online income was still the Wild West, made her own path, and created Abundance Practice-Building.

In today’s episode, Allison shares her journey from clinician to entrepreneur and how she manages a clinical practice and online income at the same time.

From her agency days to the very beginning of Abundance Practice Building, her story rings so true to me. Allison gets super honest about her numbers, her audience size, how she had her first $200,000 launch and the expenses (and stress) it required.

We answer all of your burning questions about online business and it's a must listen whether expanding your practice is on the horizon or on your to-do list.

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Connect with Allison at https://abundancepracticebuilding.com/

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