Ep. #624 - WHEN TOTAL COST IS EQUAL/GREATER THAN 70% 📍 Real Estate Wholesale


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QUESTION ⁉️ “I’m in negotiations with a property with ARV between $185K & 190K.

For what I’ve been told, it needs carpet throughout and everything else is good to go. They’ve only been in the property for years but what I don’t understand is she bought the property for $151K but owes 1st mortgage 116k and 30k to HUD.

She’s fine with just paying off what’s owed. It may be a couple of thousand dollars for moving cost.

But my thing is 70% of $185K is $129,500; so she’s already over where I need to be not including any repair costs or assignment fees.

How do I make this deal work?” ENJOY THE VIDEO!

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