Ep. #622M23 - FIXING A SEXLESS MARRIAGE ❤️ How To Fix A Broken Marriage


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QUESTION ⁉️ “Hi. I have a very tricky situation here. My wife and I are considered soul mates by the time we’re dating and made many other couples jealous about intimacy.

Until the birth of our first child. Fast forward till now, 5 years of marriage. My wife has severely low libido and I get denied for over a year.

Or I can say less than one time of intimate session a year after marriage. I result to prostitute a year ago which I bailed out of; I did not have sex with the prostitute.

Because I love my wife dearly, I felt guilty anyway; but I did not let my wife know.

But the real problem is that it hunt me down recently which my wife found out through my browsing history when I searched up the location for quick relief a year ago.

Now my wife has her heart shattered but will still stay with me. As she say, I’m the only guy she will be with till the end of time but she mandates that she will no longer engage in sex with me.”


Lola & Ola Abitogun of LolaAndOLA.com started dating in March of 2004. They fell in love and got married in August 2007. They are blessed with kids. After 10 years of ups and downs with a marriage that was basically non-existent for 2 full years, they’ve found real love at last, got their marriage back. They have also decided to use this medium to share how they did it so that anyone can use it to save and fix their broken marriage.

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