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True American hero, Retired Navy Seal, Purple Heart Recipient and author of “The Trident”, Jason Redman was able to weather an Iraqi ambush, fought his way out, and became even stronger. Ambushes can happen both on the battlefield and in everyday life, in fact, any given person will have 4-5 life ambushes through their lives. Catastrophic events that will leave them with physical, emotional, or mental scars. What is important is how they react. Watch or listen now to discover what it means to get off the X of ambush, so when those events do happen in life or in business, you will be ready to fight and come out successful!

“I was sitting on the X of ambush as an entrepreneur”

“It’s mission over the man”

“I felt like I was dying, I felt like I was alone”

- Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:52 - How Jason’s heroics unfolded overseas in Iraq

10:00 - Against all odds, Jason was able to recollect and listen to his training - which helped him survive

18:02 - Jason knew he was going through hypovolemic shock, this is what was going through his mind

25:02 - What the ambush taught Jason about life - and how it strengthened him

39:05 - The trials and tribulations Jason went through during his recovery - and how that can translate to your business

“We walked right into a very well executed Iraqi ambush”

“The information is only as good as how quickly you can act on it”

“My guys saw me get hit.. And they thought I was dead”

“You have to take care of yourself”

“Action is what makes all the difference”

-Jason Redman

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