Prioritizing Connection With Your Partner During The Stressful Seasons Of Family & Life: Poorak + Manasi Episode 45


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Things in life happen don't they? All of a sudden one day you feel that all you are doing is fighting fires, trying to stay on top of the task list to complete, stressing out about how to run your business and take care of the family at the same time.

With of of your attention on "life happening", what happened to your connection and passion with your partner? It's non-existent! Now it was't intention but it is essential for your fulfillment in your life... to prioritize your connection with your partner no matter what shows up in your life.

In this episode you will:

Know that you can prioritize the connection with your partner, with no excuses and no sacrifices. Have new ways to connect with your partner when you have young kids, when you are starting and growing a business and family at the same time, and a new shift to the way you see stress and “busyness” in your life and your family. Leaving you feeling secure and confident that no matter what is going on in your life, prioritizing your connection with your partner is always the best solution!

Guest Bio:

Meet Manasi & Poorak! They are Certified Empowered Couples Coaches, Speakers and Entrepreneurs.

They have trained and coached couples to feel peaceful and abundant in their relationships and businesses for over 10 years. Manasi is a contributor to the Lake Country Mom Blog where she writes about creating thriving relationships.

Their passion is to help multicultural couples and parents prioritize their connection regardless of what challenges life throws at them through their “Connected Couples” Coaching Business.

Questions asked in this interview:

  1. Did you have a particular season in your relationship where you felt the “busyness or stress”, take priority over your connection?
    1. Did it just happen unconsciously?
    2. What caused you to realize you had sacrificed your connection?
    3. How did you shift back and what difference did that make?
  2. What is your mindset around starting a family and a business at the same time? How do you not keep yourself from thinking you can only do one or the other?
  3. How do you both get creative with time so you both can fill your own cups?
  4. Have the opinions of other family members ever gotten in between you two? Especially coming from a culture that has some specific traditions around marriage?
  5. What is your philosophy about masculine and feminine roles in a co-leading household?
  6. What do you mean by a “Connected Couple”
  7. Tell us your experience of being a part of the Empowered Couples Community? And how does it feel to be certified coaches now ready to help other couples?


"The best thing you can do for your kids, is show them how you face challenges that come up and that you are striving for creating bigger things in your own life"

"You can't be afraid to ask for help, even to create a support network"

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