Eternal MMA 37 Recap Pt.1 - Jack Della (Eternal MMA Welterweight Champion), Danial 'Mini T' Williams, Pablo Torrealba


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Eternal MMA is an Australian MMA promotion. they recently just had their 37th event, Eternal MMA 37 in Perth, Western Australia where the main event was a welterweight championship between Jack Della (c) vs Dean Abramo. Your host (Mitchell Tinley) is the ring announcer and has decided to catch up with a few of the fighters from the card. Jack Della is the Eternal MMA welterweight champion and is currently 6-2. Pablo Torrealba is BJJ brown belt that recently won his fight against the ever controversial DJ Bowron. Danial 'Mini T' Williams is a world class Muay Thai fighter that has recently made his jump to professional MMA. Mitchell catches up with these few fighters to discuss what went down and what's next.

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