Emre Cizmeci Sessions 220


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1-Emre Cizmeci - Angel Baby (Original Mix) 2-Syn Cole ft. Golden Age - Cool With That (Extended Mix) 3-Bloom Line ft. Blü Eyes - Motions (Extended Mix) 4-Marnage & Kamix - Another Day (Extended Mix) 5-Bluckther Ft. Jaime Deraz - You & I (Extended Mix) 6-Bhaskar & Alok - Killed By The City (Extended Mix) 7-JØRD, DJ MP4 - The Book (Extended Mix) 8-Cheyenne Giles X Knock2 - Dvncefloor (Extended Mix) 9-Croatia Squad - Move That Body (Extended Mix) 10-Felguk - Work That Body (Extended Mix) 11-Jenil - Switch Up (Extended Mix) 12-Oomloud - Playtime (Extended Mix) 13-Emre Cizmeci - Predator (Original Mix) 14-Swacq - Switch Back (Extended Mix) 15-Siks - Vibe (Extended Mix) 16-Sidney Samson X Linka & Outgang - In Control (Extended Mix) 17-Wasback X Declain & Snaypor - Apocalypto (Extended Mix) 18-Andrew Madness & JN Moreno - Lockdown (Extended Mix) 19-D3fai - Flight Level (Extended Mix) 20-Emre Cizmeci - Swolla (Original Mix) 21-Krexxton & Valentin Jones - Rocky (Extended Mix) 22-SaberZ x Jaxx & Vega - We Came To Rave Support Emre Cizmeci: @emre-cizmeci www.instagram.com/emrecizmeci/ twitter.com/emrecizmecii

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