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En este episodio charlamos con Joan Boluda, que lleva emprendiendo en el mundo online desde finales de los noventa y ahora lleva el podcast Marketing online, imprescindible para todo aquel que quiera montar un negocio en la web.

La primera conversación

Joan nos cuenta cómo empezo a crear el podcast y por qué.

En el podcasting no hay normas. La gente es genuina. Me captivó.

Por qué Joan crea podcasts diarios (más o menos). La importancia de conocer al oyente y cómo guía la frecuencia.

Cómo su podcast le ha servido para incrementar el número de clientes.

El podcast como herramienta de marketing.

Los cursos de marketing online y la tendencia en España.

La formación profesional está cambiando...

Tras responder a la pregunta semanal de Trini, Joan nos cuenta cómo ha crecido su academia online, dónde también dan cursos otros profesionales.

Joan recomienda:

Luis Peris Proyecto Mackintosh y otros de Emil Car Fans Fiction (como veis, elegimos bien nuestros invitados, podeis escuchar a María de FansFIction en nuestro episodio 3).

Post-interview discussion

Pilar: Joan’s podcast has really helped him to get more clients for his consultancy business.

Joan really puts the listener first. He structures his podcast (length, frequency etc) so that it’s very easy for the listener to include his podcast in their daily routine.

Like John Lee Dumas ( ), Joan also has an avatar, a representation/description of a typical listener of his podcast.

Craig: Joan regularly gives presents to his listeners; maybe a Wordpress theme download or an app that they can use.

Pilar: Joan likes the freedom of podcasting. There are no barriers or restrictions to creativity.

Joan prices his courses very affordably. However, it’s quite common, especially in the US, for content creators to price their content very high, justifying this by saying that they need a high income in order to continually provide content of superior quality.

Craig: Pricing is very market-centric. For example CPM (cost per thousand) for podcast advertisers in the US is around $25-$30. It’s doubtful that advertisers would pay this amount in Spain or Latin America.

Joan’s subscription model is very attractive for course creators and content consumers.

You need a steady group of subscribers in order to generate a good monthly income and you need to constantly be creating and publishing good content in order to keep people subscribed.

Pilar: Joan makes good use of his network by publishing 3rd party courses created by experts in various fields.

Joan’s podcasts are the perfect advertising vehicle for his online courses.

The Fizzle Show:

Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden:

Rizar el rizo = volver un asunto más complicado de lo que es sin necesidad

¡Eres un crack! = You’re a star!

Una gozada = pleasure, delight / ¡Es una gozada! - It's brilliant, fantastic!

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