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Nuestro primer invitado no podría ser otro que Sunne. Craig y yo le conocimos el año pasado, en 2015, y se ofreción a hacer un Blab con nosotros para celebrar International Podcast Day.

Sunne lleva "podcasteando" más de una década y está completamente al día de lo que está ocurriendo con la comunidad de podcasters en España. Como nos sentimos tan a gusto con él durante el Blab, estaba claro que tenía que ser nuestro primer invitado.

A todo el mundo le gusta el podcasting, pero no lo saben todavía.

Escucha a Sunne:


La primera conversación, con Sunne

En este episodio hablamos con Sunne de:

- Su nueva red de podcasts Nación Podcast: Cuando los niños duermen, Los mensaheros y Nación Podcaster.

- Por qué empezó a hacer podcasting. - El principio del podcasting como negocio.

- Las mujeres en el mundo del podcasting. Su lista de Twitter: https://twitter.com/sunne/lists/mujeres-podcasters

- La comunidad compitiendo o colaborando.

- El podcasting: la monetización.

- El futuro de Nación podcaster

- Sunne recomienda...

Promopodcast Fans Fiction No es asunto vuestro Joss Green Live

- Consejos de Sunne para los que quieren empezar un podcast.

- Eventos para podcasters.

The Debrief with Craig and Pilar The Debrief with Craig and Pilar

Pilar: When Sunne discovered podcasters in his area, he went to meet them in person.

This is not so common in the US because of the size of the country.

The Spanish community of podcasters seems smaller and closer.

Craig: There’s more of a divide between corporate and independent podcasters outside of Spain.

Pilar: Podcasting to raise awareness of, and promote, smaller businesses doesn’t seem to be as common in Spain as it is elsewhere.

Craig: Small business promotion via podcasts seems to be about to happen in Spain. It’s exciting to be a Spanish podcaster at the moment.

Pilar: There doesn’t seem to be as many entrepreneurs in Spain as in the UK.

Craig: Spanish small business owners generally don’t see podcasts as a good investment as a promotional tool.

It’s a good time to get involved in teaching and producing podcasts.

Pilar: I wouldn’t outsource my podcast, I like the personal touch. It’s interesting that podcast production may be outsourced to agencies in Spain.

Craig: Cliff Ravenscraft ( http://podcastanswerman.com/ ) , like Sunne, also got his start in podcasting with the TV series Lost.

Pilar: http://www.noesasuntovuestro.com/ is a podcast about creating a start up.

Craig: Alex Blumberg has a podcast in English about his podcasting network start up Gimlet Media ( https://gimletmedia.com/show/startup/ ).

Listen to Pilar talking about working in virtual teams at http://virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/

Improve your English with Craig at http://www.inglespodcast.com/

(By the way, our next podcast is not with María Santonja, she's on the week after.)

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