A Better Way #7


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TOGETHER GROUP QUESTIONS Read Hebrews 3:7-19. What is God’s Word saying to you in this passage? What is God’s heart for His people? Read Exodus 17:1-7. This was one example of God’s people losing sight of God’s power and provision. Discuss how believers today can lose sight of God’s power and provision… and ultimately keep them from entering God’s rest. What is a hard heart? What does it look like? Talk about a time where you noticed you had a hard heart. What factors contributed to your heart getting hard? How can you prevent a hard heart? Look at all of Psalm 95. You’ll notice that our passage in Hebrews 3:7b-11 is taken directly from the end of this Psalm… (Fun fact: also the exact verses “7b-11” in Psalm 95!). With that said… what do you notice about the first 7 verses of Psalm 95 in correlation to how it rolls into verses 7b-11? What connection is there? How does the beginning of Psalm 95 connect to, set up, make sense of, flow into, explain, etc… the end of Psalm 95 (verses 7b-11)? Or put more simply: How should the first half of the Psalm guard your life from the 2nd half? In the sermon, the “fast track to a hard heart” were: 1. Loving the world, 2. Neglecting God’s Word, 3. Feelings over faith, 4. Worrying, 5. Bad company, 6. Selfie kings and queens (self-absorbed/ pride), and 7. Taking your eyes off Christ. What are 2 or 3 of these that you’re struggling with? Pray for each other!

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