How Single-Use Cystoscopes Solved Continuation of Care Challenges from Major Floods


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A storm dumped three to five inches of rain in the Detroit metro area one day in June 2021, and a major flood forced a Michigan urology clinic to close.

Urologists with Henry Ford Health System were forced to quickly pivot and take all their patients coming in for clinic appointments and procedures and push them to a downtown Detroit campus. Single-use cystoscopy technology enabled them to do just that.

Dr. Craig Rogers explains how in the latest episode of Endoscopy Insights. What happened is a testament to the power of new technology at a time when healthcare systems find themselves challenged on several fronts — clinical, financial, supply chain and logistics, even staffing.

Show notes:

Case Study: How This Urologist Kept Caring for Patients After His Clinic Flooded

Bio: Dr. Craig Rogers

Henry Ford Health System

U.S. News: States With the Biggest Hospital Staffing Shortages

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