Endurance Chat S4E21 - Sportscars Explained: Aerodynamics


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In this episode, Michael Zalavari (Floodman11) and Oliver Trewavas (Trewavasaurus) delve into the role of Aerodynamics in sportscars, and explain in-depth how each body part of an ACO Prototype is designed to perform at the limits of aero efficiency! This is a bit of an experiment for us so please leave a comment offering some feedback!


  • 0:01 Our experience and expertise
  • 0:05 What is aerodynamics?
  • 0:13 What do we need to consider?
  • 0:19 Aero-generating components
  • 0:20 The frontal area, and the Splitter
  • 0:37 Big Honking Holes, pressure venting, and redirecting
  • 0:52 Directing air to cool the car
  • 1:04 The role of the Shark Fin
  • 1:12 The Rear Wing
  • 1:23 The Underfloor, Rear Diffuser, and Ground Effect
  • 1:32 Aero wash and Turbulence
  • 1:36 Comparing and contrasting different aero for different tracks
  • 1:46 Final thoughts and comments!

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